[LINK] Just in - Regulatory reforms aimed at breaking up Telstra

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Tue Sep 15 10:22:03 AEST 2009


    Reforms pave way for Telstra break-up

September 15, 2009 - 9:58AM

The Federal Government has announced a package of reforms to 
telecommunications regulations that will pave the way for a break-up of 

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the reforms would address 
the telco's high level of integration with the aim of promoting greater 
competition and consumer benefits.



*From Conroy's press release:*
These reforms will drive future growth, productivity and innovation 
across all sectors of the economy by:

* addressing Telstra’s high level of integration to promote greater 
competition and consumer benefits;
* streamlining and simplifying the competition regime to provide more 
certain and quicker outcomes for telecommunications companies;
* strengthening consumer safeguards to ensure services standards are 
maintained at a high level; and
* removing redundant and inefficient regulatory red-tape.

“For years industry has been calling for fundamental and historic 
micro-economic reform in telecommunications. Today we are delivering 
this outcome in Australia’s long term national interest,” Senator Conroy 

Telstra is one of the most highly integrated telecommunications 
companies in the world across the fixed-line copper, cable and mobile 

“The reforms address the structure of the telecommunications market and 
provide Telstra with the flexibility to choose its future path.”

“It is the Government’s clear desire for Telstra to structurally 
separate, on a voluntary and cooperative basis.”

Another interesting week!

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