[LINK] With Now 400 Million Users, Should Facebook Qualify for a seat in the United Nations

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Wed Sep 16 14:03:15 AEST 2009

Link members will be aware that I have been looking closely at P2P over
the last few months.

Recently I have shut down the Australian P2P Research Server, because
the Game appears to be set and Match to Facebook.

An article (anecdotal data at this stage, I'm afraid) I just blogged

Facebook has done more for détente and political stability than any
other single group of individuals.
It has attracted 400 million users.
The Applications have encouraged perfect strangers to extend trust and
comradeship in the pursuance of a common goal.
It has given those users a platform to express themselves freely.

My own collection of P2P statistics shows that less users are on the
P2Pnetworks every day.

It would appear that Facebook games and other social interaction
applications are the new Media choice for the masses.
Which kind of make sense.
The average run of a TV show is between 13 and 22 episodes a year.
The average Facebook game rises to prominence, achieves saturation and
then declines over a four to six month period.

With 200,000 applications and over 20,000 developers, Facebook is
rubbing shoulders with Warner, Fox, Disney and Universal.
It’s eyeball numbers have already exceeded all of the US Television
Network audiences and will next impact cinema attendance.
Advertisers would do well to recognise the eventuality that increased
Facebook utilisation will force them to transfer their focus from direct
product based advertorial to sponsorship based trademark and brand

So it would appear that we have gone full circle to return to the
advertising meme of the early Television years, except with a new
transmission platform; Facebook.

The Facebook Top 50 applications changes on a daily basis. 
Hardware and network restrictions automatically apply brakes to the
continued rapid growth on an hourly basis which is in fact a self
limiting environmental censorship that creates new opportunities for the
smaller application developers.

Here’s the Top fifty Apps – As at Midnight last night

Chart here--

Yep, that's 89 million per day with a monthly users total for only the
top 60 applications of 547,440,423.

That's a lot of people with a common purpose. To be entertained in a
socially enjoyable environment and not be bludgeoned to death with
editorial opinion or advertising.

We’ll try keep on top of this – as much as possible and show the
differences in the applications and attempt to identify the memes in the
coming weeks.


Facebook is killing traditional media.
Facebook is killing P2P.

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