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Mon Sep 28 22:37:27 AEST 2009

Sturgeon's Law?  But which 90%?

The trouble is that both the first decades of TV and the first decades  
of the internet have been interesting and creative times.  If we lose  
90% of that material or more, little will be left for our descendants  
who will not have a choice like we have, of saving it or not.  It will  
just be gone.  Perhaps it doesn't matter.

On 2009/Sep/28, at 12:55 PM, Ivan Trundle wrote:

> On 28/09/2009, at 8:35 PM, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> I worry that we've already lost much of the written online material
>> produced in the last few decades.  I think we've already lost much of
>> early TV
> Whilst I understand the sentiment, it's not something that leaves me
> sleepless at night. We could lose 90% of the internet and still
> survive quite adequately, I believe.

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