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> ISPs force rewrite of law
> The Australian IT Section
> Karen Dearne
> September 29, 2009 
> http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0,24897,26137600-153
> 06,00.html
> INTERNET lobbyists have forestalled a law that could turn internet 
> service providers into online sheriffs.

Excellent spotting EFF

> The federal government has substantially rewritten a bill intended to 
> protect computer networks before its tabling in parliament by 
> Attorney-General Robert McClelland.
> Electronic Frontiers Australia spokesman Geordie Guy said it was 
> unclear if the draft Telecommunications (Interception and Access) 
> Amendment Bill was an "attempt to sneak through" a wholesale 
> expansion of intercepts of private emails and file-sharing or merely 
> a badly drafted bill.
> "There was an incredibly short two-week consultation period 


So I guess, what we need to start looking for is Legislation that has a
very short consultation period.
I'm starting to notice that whenever someone is trying to ram something
(that is ultimately not beneficial for the public), through - it
invariably is either:

Comments by invitation only; or
Public comments are invited, should be in triplicate (and must use
carbon paper) and submission deadline is yesterday at 3:59 AM.

Possibly what we need to insure for open and honest and transparent
Government is a standardised consultation period of twelve weeks with
advertisements on the front page of APH web site, - Legislation released
for consultation this week - .........

This whole thing smacks of corporations like B_____ Capital that hold
their AGM's in-between Christmas and New Years Day. 
In fact, 5:00 pm on New Years eve.

It's companies like that - that tend to create a farce of the entire ASX
listed group of companies by association. (Especially if one of the
corporate members or the company itself might have an ASX seat.)

Smelly, dirty, underhanded and not what we thought we were voting for.

Closed door politics is THE major reason why politicians have lost the
trust of the public.

How about it Canberra guys - any chance of opening those policy making
doors wider than 2mm ?


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