[LINK] Internet Archival

David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Wed Sep 30 10:41:40 AEST 2009

On Wednesday 30 September 2009 10:24, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> I've also read an interesting article discussing the future, and how 
> our children's children will have no need to 'learn' anything, since 
> all will be available in the collective 'mind' (i.e Internet) and on 
> tap as and when needed, from birth. 'Learning' will be redundant, but 
> 'wisdom' will be the arbiter of any intelligence metric. Or something 
> like this...

Ahh, but there's a step between "learning" and "wisdom" - "understanding".

I wish I could resist getting into these games of mind tennis... (:-)


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