[LINK] Family rescued after GPS blunder

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Tue Aug 3 13:21:35 AEST 2010

Given previous discussions on link about bushwalkers, I 
though linkers might like to put in their 2c worth on this 
> Updated Mon Aug 2, 2010 8:23am AEST
> Portable GPS unit
> Led astray: The family was stranded for four days (Reuters: Rick Wilking)
> A family of four and their dog spent four days bogged in mud in far west New South Wales after being led astray by a GPS unit.
> Police say the driver drove off the road while following instructions from the GPS on Thursday.
> They say the GPS instructed the driver to travel along a closed road near Wilcannia, and the driver ignored the road closure signs.

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