[LINK] Family rescued after GPS blunder

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Tue Aug 3 14:57:50 AEST 2010

On 03/08/2010, at 2:50 PM, Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 01:21:35PM +1000, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>> They say the GPS instructed the driver to travel along a closed road
>>> near Wilcannia, and the driver ignored the road closure signs.
>                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> this is the crucial point.  it proves beyond any doubt that it is
> the fault of the GPS unit and its manufacturer.

Yes, it's a bit rum that the GPS unit in question wasn't able to update in realtime and divert around such inconveniences. Perhaps it's an outdated model without road-sign detection or blind driver modules.


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