[LINK] Geeks, tweets and bums on seats

Webb, KerryA KerryA.Webb at act.gov.au
Wed Aug 4 16:24:34 AEST 2010

> A couple of weeks ago,  a friend booked his goget car on his
> iphone while waiting for a performance to start.
> The theatre venues I frequent do not permit photography and
> ask you to turn of your mobile phone off during the
> performance.In the old days, the critics were entitiled to
> their notepads....but this?
> >   From backstage status updates to an opera libretto, the arts are
> learning to be creative with social media, writes Elissa Blake.
> >
> > Sitting in the back row during Bell Shakespeare's King Lear,
> Hannah Suarez is softly tapping her iPhone screen. She is a tech-savvy
> theatre lover logged into Twitter, quietly sharing her thoughts on
> Shakespeare's epic tale of power, love and betrayal with her friends
> followers, one or two pithy sentences at a time. Ev
> <http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/theatre/geeks-tweets-and-bums-on-
> seats-20100709-103g8.html>

The operative term is "softly tapping".  The latest habit of tweeting
during conferences is quite annoying when people have an audible

As for the distraction of a glowing iPhone in a darkened theatre, that's
bad manners in my book.

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