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At 06:30 PM 8/08/2010, Kim Holburn you wrote:

>Also - we have signed the UN Refugee convention.  Refugees reaching
>Australia are not illegal, on the contrary, we have legal treaty
>obligations to them.

I raised this with a dyed in the wool Lib a couple weeks ago, an 
older woman, who was going on about the illegals. I pointed out to 
her that if she didn't want to abide by the treaty, she should lobby 
to have us pull out of it, but until we do, it's in effect and we 
must abide by our obligations.

Then she said that the UN should be paying for the refugees, not us. 
What? Where does she think the UN funds come from? Plus they don't 
have the sort of money to pay for these efforts.

Lastly (this one blew me away), she said the AIDS rate would go up. 
Reason: because all the males in the detention centres were bonking 
each other.

I was ashamed to know this woman was my friend and was so ignorant.


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