[LINK] End of the filter? Better off without a Stalinist, censorious, Labor government.

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Aug 9 15:04:20 AEST 2010

Philip Argy wrote:
> ... not aware of any boat people having sailed all the way from ... Afghanistan ...

The next speaker in the ANU Political Academy series (last week it was 
me on Internet censorship) is Professor Hugh White, Head of the ANU 
Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, on the "Future role of the 
Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan" at the Australian National 
University, Canberra, 6pm, 10 August 2010: 

Just to keep this on topic for the Link list, shortly I hope to have a 
postgraduate student researching how to use the Internet for 
international negotiations. If we can help people sort things out 
amicably online, there will be less for the defence force to do and 
fewer refugees to look after.

But if that fails, the Australian Department of Defence has ordered 
touchscreen tablet computers from Elbit Systems for use by troops. The 
touchscreen computer, used handheld and mounted in vehicles, has a 
screen about the size of an i-Pad: 

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