[LINK] End of the filter? Better off without a Stalinist, censorious, Labor government.

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On 8/08/2010 3:52 PM, Robin Whittle wrote:
> ...
>      School building program.  Every school has a typically
>      over-priced, poorly considered, building inserted into its
>      limited grounds, reducing the free space for children to play
>      and exercise.  There was no proper consultation.  Schools need
>      money for many things, and this was just a grandiose way of
>      subsidising the building industry, and temporarily boosting the
>      economy with less than optimally productive spending while
>      advertising the results in every school-yard.  Julia Gillard
>      appears to be unrepentant about the widely documented failings
>      and lack of consultation with schools.
> ...
An different conclusion:

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