[LINK] Coalition unveils $6b broadband plan

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> Coalition unveils $6b broadband plan
> By online political correspondent Emma Rodgers
> Fibre optic: The Coalition plan will use a number of different  
> technologies (Reuters: Hannibal Hanschke, file photo)
> The Coalition has promised over $6 billion to improve internet  
> broadband services for Australians if it is elected to government.
> Finance spokesman Andrew Robb and communications spokesman Tony  
> Smith have unveiled the plan in Canberra today as an alternative to  
> Labor's National Broadband Network.
> The major policy announcement was left to Mr Smith and Mr Robb as  
> Opposition Leader Tony Abbott campaigned in Sydney today.
> Under the plan, 97 per cent of homes would have access to networks  
> which would deliver broadband at speeds of between 12 Mega bits per  
> second (Mbps) and 100Mbps by 2016 through a combination of  
> technologies.
> The remaining three per cent of homes would be serviced by satellite  
> services
> Main points of the policy include:
> 	• $6.3 b of investment to get a private sector network up and running
> 	• speeds of between 12Mbps and 100Mbps
> another $2.75b to extend the fibre-optic network
> 	• $750m to improve DSL services
> 	• $2b for improved rural regional and metropolitan wireless networks
> Mr Smith said the Coalition's plan would deliver improved services  
> quicker than the Government's plan to households that need improved  
> speeds.
> And he said it was both faster and more affordable.
> "Labor's NBN risks tens of billions of taxpayer dollars," he said.
> "The Coalition will deliver the new platform and structure to  
> unleash competition and drive private sector deployment of faster  
> broadband across a range of technologies."
> Finance spokesman Andrew Robb said the plan will encourage  
> competition.
> "We will embrace and ensure Australia has choice and that the heavy- 
> handed Government is not dictating their telecommunications  
> options," he said.
> Labor has pledged to spend $43 billion on a National Broadband  
> Network, of which the Government would be a majority stakeholder.
> The NBN would offer speeds of 100Mpbs through "fibre-to-the-home"  
> technologies but questions have been raised over how many homes  
> would want to pay for such a high speed.
> The network has already begun to be rolled out in Tasmania and is  
> due to be completed by 2018.

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