[LINK] NBN versus Opposition Proposal for OnlineOpinion

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Aug 12 08:25:50 AEST 2010

Graham. Young, Chief Editor of the e-magazine "On Line Opinion" asked me
if I could write an article on "NBN v the Opposition Broadband":

I thought someone else might volunteer, as I busy at a green data centre
data conference:

The opposition broadband policy seems to be "NBN Lite" and my analysis
from the last election would still seem to be relevant:

The two party's policies may not be that different, as I suspect that
the NBN is going to about $10B, not much more than the opposition's
figure of $6B.

The major problem with the previous coalition government's broadband
policy was the reliance on WiMax using unlicensed spectrum. I suspect
the bidders realised this was not going to work and were quietly
relieved when the new Labour government dumped it. However, I think
there could be major role for wireless in national broadband, whoever
wins the election. But the wireless has to be properly engineered and
reliable enough for emergency communications.

ps: The strategy which I previously recommended to the Tasmanian
government also still seems to be relevant. This was to extract the
maximum infrastructure for marginal Tasmanian electorates. ;-)

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