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Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
Thu Aug 12 11:51:22 AEST 2010

At 11:38 AM 12/08/2010, Scott Howard wrote:
>I think ISPs need to broaden their thinking as well.
>ISPs need to pay their bills.
>In the US, I can buy a 1Gbps connection "to the Internet" (delivered 
>to a datacenter, not domestic) for US$700/month.  In Australia a 
>similar service would be a few orders of magnitude higher.  Can you 
>really expect ISPs to offer unlimited 1Gbps bandwidth for $50/month 
>at those prices?

And the disparity is because... ?  (Thanks, Crispin for the detail. 
One would think with the backbone expansion, some of that would be 
alleviated. Not sure what will happen with the async charging 
problesm with the Pacific cable, though. Mirroring might help some.)

Dial-up used to cost big dollars, too. Times change.

No mention of quotas, just speed choices, even looking at the fine 
print. At least I couldn't see it mentioned anywhere.


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