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Nothing to do with this interesting discussion, but the subject-line text 
matches relatively well: automatic digital vital-sign units in pharmacies

<http://www.theaustralianinvestor.com.au/news.asp?id=38772> (snipped)

Australian Stockmarket News: TeleMedCare Pharmacy Pilot  13-Aug-2010

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare group, Stirling Products Limited advises 
that a significant pilot in two flagship stores of one of the largest 
pharmacy chains in the UK is underway using the clinical grade vital-
signs TeleMedCare telemedicine units.

This pilot phase will assess the effectiveness of the TeleMedCare units 
from a client, clinical & commercial perspective, and if successful, 
would be expected to be incorporated in a major UK national roll-out 
within many of the UK pharmacies, which represent the majority of their 
over 4,000 pharmacies in the UK and internationally.

Six TeleMedCare fully interactive monitoring and diagnostic units have 
been purchased for the pilot operation, which will continue to be 
conducted for a further approximate two months..


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