[LINK] NBN Wireless Service Looks Good: So do we need fibre?

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Stilgherrian wrote:
> Not that outrageous an assessment. On my "Patch Monday" podcast this week, network engineering consultant Narelle Clark, most recently research director of the CSIRO's Networking Technologies laboratory, said that by her modelling to provide fibre-equivalent broadband to every home in a district you'd have to have a base station at the end of every suburban street. The relevant bit of the conversation is about 17 minutes in.

A wireless base station at every street corner would provide 
better coverage and services than aiming for optical 
capiliaries  to every computer. Where demand required it 
additrional base stations could be deployed quite rapidly. 
Though, from experience, terrain and building materials do 
pose problems for wireless.
> In India, Indian telecom operators like BSNL, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications piloted WiMAX, but WiMAX Forum is optimistic and pegs the user base at over 27.5 million users (around 19 million connections) by 2012. The study predicts that around 70 percent of WiMAX subscribers will use mobile and portable WiMAX devices to access broadband internet services by 2012. However, industry estimates peg the 3G users base at nearly 90 million during the same period. ABI Research expects the total number of subscribers to be around two million in January 2010.

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