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Identified National Broadband Network (NBN) funding sources
and allocations.

>  It is relevant to note that the Immigration Minister has acknowledged the small scale of the problem in Australia compared to countries in Europe and other parts of the world.16 It is also worth noting that the majority of onshore asylum seekers actually arrive in Australia by air
> with a valid visa and then apply for onshore protection through Australia?s humanitarian program at some stage after their arrival.17 In spite of this, the debate continues to focus on those asylum seekers arriving without authorisation by boat.
> Even in the peak boat arrival years of the 1970s and 1999?2001, the arrival numbers in Australia were small compared to other destination countries. In 2000, for example, when approximately 3000 ?boat people? arrived in Australia, Iran and Pakistan each hosted over a million Afghan refugees. In fact, the burden of assisting the world?s asylum seekers mostly fell, and still falls, to some of the world?s poorest countries.18
> In terms of refugee resettlement, only about 20 nations worldwide participate in UNHCR resettlement programs and accept quotas of refugees on an annual basis. Australia is one of the countries formally participating and each year the Government allocates around 13 000 available places through the Department of Immigration?s Humanitarian Program. In 2008, Australia accepted the third largest number of refugees for resettlement in the world (8742) after the USA (60 191) and Canada (10 804) under the UNHCR resettlement program.19 

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