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> On 20/08/10 21:54, Kim Holburn wrote:
> > Talking about jokes, does anyone know anything about the Australian 
> > Secular Party?
> I'd vote for them second to the ASP 
> (http://www.sexparty.org.au/index.php). I'm disappointed that the ASP 
> isn't running a candidate in Canberra.
> Fred

Ditto the Pirate Party AU or Coalition of Alien UFO watchers

Or in fact any party that would create an inbalance in numbers causing
the hung result with the GG required to formulate a Government forcing
the major parties to have a rethink.

Regretably, the great majority are quite happy to vote for someone that
whose policies will ensure that the next four generations have to repay
the debt.

Submarines ??? Jet Fighters ??? Supersonic Bombers ???


But it also needs to be WE NEED THE NBN, so I guess that's an automatic
vote for Labor.

My partner's words on waking this morning and being asked if she would
like a cup of tea in bed.....

No.... I have to get up and vote to make sure that Labor are outed. 

But of course we need to consider the Insurance policy that has been put
in place.

Gettup appears to be pushing the Greens on their how to vote.

With Greens preferences mostly automatic to Labor, I'm pretty sure that
Labor will get back in on the back of the Greens.


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