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On 2010/Aug/23, at 1:38 AM, Steven Clark wrote:

>  On 22/08/2010 10:58 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>> Senator Brown said: "If the Coalition doesn't win Government, it  
>> will be
>> because of the National Broadband Network. People want to live in the
>> 21st century, for God's sake."
> i suspect that the greens and labor have more in common, and are more
> likely to be able to work effectively together than the greens and
> liberals. this will probably decide the outcome of things in the  
> coming
> week.

Neither party is much good at negotiating with outsiders to get things  
done.  Now it's time to learn.  A prime minister may have the clout to  
browbeat their own party but not independent members of an alliance  
who can cross the floor.  Abbott is even more pugnacious and  
adversarial than Gillard although maybe the affable Mr Hockey might be  
able to help a bit there.  Might have to help there!

There was a blizzard of stupid promises and accusations towards the  
end of the campaign.  I doubt many promises will be kept whoever gets  

Hang on. It's going to be an interesting ride.

> no point having the lower house if you're stymied in the upper. the
> greens dislike several key points in the libs platform, and libs would
> have to make significant concessions to their policy platform to work
> with the greens.

Libs and independents in the lower, greens in the upper house.


Labs, independents, greens

Take your pick.

> but you never know ...

And politics used to be so boring.

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