[LINK] Direct-Technocratic Party

Richard Chirgwin rchirgwin at ozemail.com.au
Mon Aug 30 17:10:54 AEST 2010

David Boxall wrote:
> <http://dtpa.wikispaces.com/>
>> Put very simply, the DTPA would be a political party that features policy determined by a weighted direct democratic system. You vote on the issues you are the most knowledgeable about or which you have some stake in. As an example, consider the proposal of an internet filter. The issue would be reviewed and decided by service providers, network administrators, engineers, computer scientists and anyone that feels strongly enough about the problem to vote on it.
> Not sure about direct democracy. The best will probably be too busy to 
> participate, which leaves the rest to make decisions.
Fell at the starters' gate. Where are the names of the organisers?


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