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In case any linkers aren't following...here is the latest...
> The Official 2010 Federal Election Results
>     * Across Australia 14,088,260 electors enrolled to vote.
>     * Currently 85.08% of the primary vote has been counted.
>     * The two party preferred count is 80.81% complete.
>     * The election results on this website were last updated at 31/08/2010 11:17:36 AM.
>     * This website was last published at 31/08/2010 11:33:28 AM.
> Information and projections on this website are based on the votes counted to date. Calculations such as the turnout figure, level of informal votes, swings, Two Candidate Preferred (TCP) and Two Party Preferred (TPP) vote counts will change as the counting progresses. Figures and calculations on this website should not be considered final until notified as such - until then all results are indicative only.
> Further explanation is available on the AEC website.
> House of Representatives National Two Party Preferred Result Coalition 	Votes 	Percentage % 	Swing %
> Australian Labor Party 	5,358,565 	50.00 	-2.70
> Liberal/National Coalition 	5,358,062 	50.00 	+2.70
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