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 On Fri Feb  5  8:47 , Tom Worthington <tom.worthington at tomw.net.au> sent:

>"Data Centre GreenTech Melbourne 2010" is on 26th February 2010, with
>William Ehmcke & , Graeme Philipson (Connection Research) and Albert Y 
>Zomaya (University of Sydney):
>I will be speaking on "Training Green Technologists": Here is draft
>outline of my talk (correction, comments and suggestions welcome):
>Energy saving - Data Centres
>     Seven steps:
>        1. Determine the required services
>        2. Consolidate and virtualise servers,
>        3. Invest in low-energy IT equipment
>        4. Optimise the layout
>        5. Optimise airflow
>        6. Invest in low-energy cooling
>        7. Account for energy

Far be it from me to make corrections, but here's a few comments.

The seven steps, above, takes a very simplistic approach to data centre optimisation. A more advanced, comprehensive and effective approach is contained in the whole of government data centre strategy that was presented to government at the end of last year.

Unfortunately, the strategy document has been made cabinet in confidence and will not be released either to agencies in general or to the wider community. Those agencies that have representation on SIGB and CIOC will get to see the report (but not the back-ground material, where a lot of good work was done)

My opinion is that the green issue is not a primary goal it is a consequence of other actions. Energy efficiency (not energy saving) across the whole business & ICT environment should be considered, otherwise all you will end up doing is shifting the problem somewhere else.

Declaration of interest. I was the lead architect on the team that developed the whole of government strategy and I'm now helping a rather large agency with their implementation of the strategy.


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