[LINK] Apple iSlate: passport to the future of computing?

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 11:31 AM 3/01/2010, Ivan Trundle wrote:

>It's interesting that the wikipedia article assumes that it will 
>compete with the Kindle etc - this is extremely unlikely. Apple are 
>going for a different market entirely, but the device will have the 
>functionality of an e-book reader and more (just like the 
>iPhone/iPod touch is an e-book reader now).

I was listening to a final of the year Podcast from This Week In 
Technology [TWIT] and they were saying that the comparison with 
Kindle is apt. They also have their rumour sources, saying it will be 
always on net wireless, which is understandable, and yet seems to be 
an issue here in Australia with some of these products [Kindle]. They 
were also discussing the content access that Amazon already has 
locked up. The ebook market [which this year had >50% versus print at 
Amazon for the first time] would have to be part of the driving force 
for getting one of the new Apple devices.


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