[LINK] ICANN's non-Latin domain names

Crispin Harris crispin.harris at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 19:35:26 AEDT 2010

I have seen a demonstration of this (with academic references &
publications) where the researcher has registered "google.com" where the
second 'o' is non-english.

Almost every browser renders with transparently as "google.com" (except on
occasion, and where enabled, in the status bar - not everyone has it
enabled, so not everyone would see the change in the mouse-over anyway).

This is especially dangerous in Outlook, Eudora and a few other email
clients that do not do proper address rendering.

_SOME_ browsers will render the change of language with a change of colour
or other more obvious marking in the address bar. (Firefox 2 did this, most
FF 3 does not - havent; confirmed with 3.5. IE 6 though 8 does.)


P.S. I will see if I can dig up some more references for people to look at.

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Fred Pilcher <fpilcher at netspeed.com.au>wrote:

> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> > If I cut the URL
> > http://www.mañana.com/ <http://www.xn--maana-pta.com/>
> > from Firefox and paste it here, I get
> > http://www.xn--maana-pta.com/
> > (that is www dot xn dash das maana dash pta dot com )
> That's very interesting - me too. But if I simply click on the link it
> gives mañana.com <http://xn--maana-pta.com> and a 404.
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