stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Jan 4 19:52:40 AEDT 2010

Here's two breaking news items, as yet un-connected by the mainstream
news media, but, which would certainly appear (2016?) to be connected?

Bank of Queensland hit by “Y2.01k” glitch   Jan 4, 2010 11:51 AM 

Terminal clocks tick over to January 2016.

A "Y2.01k" glitch has caused Bank of Queensland (BOQ) EFTPOS terminals to 
malfunction as clocks ticked over to January 1.

While Australians ushered in 2010, BOQ's machines jumped six years ahead 
and began date stamping January 2016.

Since most of the debit and credit cards that are in current use would 
have expired by 2016, the machines refused to process transactions.

A "large percentage" of BOQ's EFTPOS machines is reported to have been 
affected nationwide.

BOQ currently is investigating the cause of the giitch and working with 
service providers Keycorp and First Data to address the issue. A manual 
workaround has been in place since Sunday, with businesses able to 
complete transactions by manually entering date information.



Those of you using Windows Mobile, have you been receiving messages from 
2016 after you entered 2010? 

According to reports, many folks have been receiving messages from 2016, 
and it seems to be limited to Windows Mobile devices. Details aren’t 
concrete yet, but it seems that folks from T-Mobile’s network might be 
unaffected. A .CAB file fix has been reported to solve the problem, but 
that’s not an official solution, so you’ll want to keep an eye on the 
situation. There is some speculation that it might be related to “10” 
being “16” in HEX, but it’s not confirmed if that’s the reason yet. If 
you’re experiencing something similar, do drop us a comment and let us 
know if you’ve discovered anything.



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