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Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
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Roger Clarke wrote:
> (Personally, I wouldn't even install a decent set of *speakers* 
> myself.  I've got mine ceiling-mounted, so that gave me the excuse to 
> get tech support to do the whole job!).

Ah but you are a part of the group of users who knows what they don't 
know, the rest of us are still discovering this.

Why then is government listening to industry and pursuing commoditised 
and ill-fitting solutions to user created problems?  I speak of course 
of ISP filtering amongst others.

If the problem is one of education or lack thereof, why is that not the 
message that we collectively seek to impart consistently, imaginatively, 
loudly and more often?

On a related but different topic, did anyone watch RIP A remix manifesto 
last night on SBS?  See http://www.sbs.com.au/ for a replay of some of 
it at least.  The manifesto was interesting and I must confess to some 
mixed responses to it.  See 
for a review of the movie and a statement of the 4 points in the Remix 
Manifesto.  (I confess to seeing more than a bit of Lawrence Lessig in 


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