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On 08/01/2010, at 10:01 AM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> "Although the Governments recent announcement is welcomed, let‚s hope 
> Labor doesn‚t follow its usual path of making and breaking promises," Dr 
> Sharman Stone, Federal Member for Murray said.
> "Labor‚s $43 billion Broadband package promised to bring faster internet 
> access to every corner of Australia, but then the fine print read that 
> the high speeds would not be extended to towns of less than 1,000 people."

It promised no such thing, Dr Stone. Indeed, the key debate about the NBN for the last few years has been about what percentage of the population -- 90%, 95%, 98% etc -- would be reached by which "fast" speeds -- 12Mb/sec, 100Mb/sec etc.

It seems that Dr Stone didn't even make it all the way through Senator Conroy's covering media release http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/media/media_releases/2009/022 let alone the rest of the documentation. This does not bode well.

And what's the Coalition's policy on this at the moment? Sorry? Hello? I can't hear you...


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