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There is the opposite way of doing this.  Sites like openid.net where  
you create a log-in and can use it on a number of sites.  You are  
still somewhat open to problems from openid itself though and  
dependant on the other sites doing the log-in process securely, not to  
mention each site has it's own privacy terms and quite likely the  
various laws of the country, including privacy laws, it's in that it  
has to follow.

On 2010/Jan/10, at 3:47 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> At 03:10 PM 10/01/2010, Roger Clarke wrote:
>>> if i needed webmail, i'd use google mail. possibly even forward  
>>> (some
>>> of) my mail to gmail when i'm travelling.
> I'll add a follow-up question. What is the benefit of this over
> webmail direct into one's accounts other than not having to log into
> more than one? [I can see one, that you are entering your email
> address rather than user name???]
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