[LINK] online finance protocols (was Re: mail2web service)

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Sun Jan 10 17:59:18 AEDT 2010

Craig Sanders wrote:
> that goes way beyond insane to "i'm so stupid it's amazing i manage to
> breathe".

Yep. And I venture that they'll make millions out of it.

There's a whole generation brought up in the Web who have no concept of 
privacy or security and who will look at it, say "cool", and provide 
whatever information they're asked for.

I hang out online with a range of people, many of whom are young folks 
who think I'm a funny old fart and a fuddy-duddy for drawing their 
attention to the dangers in this crap. To most of them I'm no better 
than a birfer or a trufer though, out of affection, they're kind enough 
not to say so.


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