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Both URL's are correct and used for different purposes.

This is for an overview ie. 'Incident Summary'
(ALT RSS LINK http://osom.cfa.vic.gov.au/public/osom/IN_COMING.rss)

Specific Warnings and Advice for 'active' fires/threats
(ALT RSS LINK http://osom.cfa.vic.gov.au/public/osom/websites.rss)

The alternate RSS links at 'osom' (One Source, One Message) applies to both CFA & DSE websites and these are served by a different web server to that of the CFA & DSE websites and serve as a good alternative when the CFA/DSE web sites are down.

There have also been numerous outages today & yesterday for the CFA website.

The Country Fire Authority's website experienced technical difficulties this morning as Victoria faced its first day of catastrophic fire conditions.

CFA chief officer Russell Rees said there was a ''minor technical problem'' on the website that was fixed ''in a matter of minutes''. 

He said the CFA was implementing a new system and technical staff were watching it ''very closely''.

However, people were urged to monitor multiple systems including websites, the bushfire information line and radio to stay informed.


Stephen Edgar

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At 3:16 PM +1100 11/1/10, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>that is supposed to be the "incident updates" page for the Victorian

That URL was the page for major incidents last summer.

This summer there is a summary page for major incidents here:

Plus each incident has its own page containing further info.

Personally, I have been very impressed with the CFA site
this year. They have added a lot of extra features and
the site presents a lot more information and is updated
much more frequently than the last few summers. There
are specific write-ups on incidents that wouldn't have
rated a mention on the "major incidents" page last year
with hourly updates when the situation or conditions

It remains to be seen how it handles the load under
pressure of a number of simultaneous major fires.

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