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These two articles are looking at what was exciting in the 1990 and 
2000 consumer electronics shows.
CNI - reverse privacy invasion!
a sort of GPS
special cassette tape
palm computers
multifunction calculators with diaries and address books
primitive ebook
CDcamcorder [everything old is new again in 2010?]
laserdisc player advances
serial-copy management system
CD/recordplayer combo
phone controls of home systems
home theatre systems and the danger of too much cocooning
competitors for Game Boy
inflight movies on the back of plane seats
portable papershredders
large rear-screen TVs and mini-cassette players
CD reference libraries
multi-player games via modem connection

MP3 player introduced by Bill Gates
building specific internet info feeds in elevators
TiVo, WebTV and Pvrs
set top box with internet integration
plasma screens at $15-20,000
web connected appliances
microwave that scans barcodes to cook food appropriately
in-car entertainment and info systems - computer and video
satellite delivered info services like traffic reports
netbook computers called epods
heads-up displays on car windscreens
direct digital satellite radio
hands free voice control of radio and use of phone in car


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