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> >THE NSW government has received 17 submissions from organisations 
> >interested in consolidating the state's 130 large and small data 
> >centres into two environmentally friendly facilities.
> Basic question. If there are only 2 centres, granted with less energy 
> consumption (a good thing), what happens when there is a catastrophe 
> at one of them? Does that mean that half the data activities 
> [translate: half of all state functions since the reliance on data 
> access is a fundamental requirement to operate] will just stop?
> There is some value to having distributed activities. What happens 
> when half the state breaks? Or will there be so little result that 
> we'll find out that we didn't need all that in the first place?
> Jan
> [can we also say "te***rist target?]

Actually, having built a few of these, I can honestly say that that the
built-in redundancy, (in aircon, power and fire extinguishing systems),
ensures pretty much that the catastrophe cannot occur. 

What it doesn't allow for is natural disasters like floods, broken water
mains and earthquakes.
Australia is pretty safe in the earthquake category so I guess the only
real risk is flood which can be alleviated by building high.

The last danger, i.e.: that of external persons wishing physical harm to
the installation can again be defended against. 

Crash bollards, reinforced walls, security cameras, restricted access
area etc.

In fact if I was building one of these for the NSW Gov, I would place it
close by a nuclear reactor facility for all the obvious advantages. 


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