[LINK] Consumer Credit-Card Risks

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On 13/01/2010, at 12:57 PM, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> So perhaps the $35/$<insert value here> limit without 'authorisation' is somewhat irrelevant, and demonstrates that a card is worth as much as the credit limit that applies to it, and should be treated accordingly. Not pretty.

So there are people who DON'T treat their credit card details like actual money by, say, keeping them in the same wallet and carrying them on their person?

Mind you, there are copies of our credit card details all over the place -- every hotel that took a swipe as we booked in, every retail store with a carbon copy of an imprint. 

It is a curious dichotomy, is it not? On the one hand, we give out the details freely to conduct business. On the other hand, it's... our money. I think there's something in their about psychology, risk and perception -- but it's too early in my morning.


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