[LINK] Drone Flights Leave Military Awash in Data

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Jan 14 12:40:35 AEDT 2010

Tom writes,

> .. aircraft will be able to automatically flag important areas in the
> images and detect items of interest.  This is already being done for
> civilian purposes with traffic management .. There is a free seminar
> on building a smart drone at ANU at 4pm. "A terrain-following strategy
> for a VTOL UAV using translational optical flow": 
> <http://cecs.anu.edu.au/seminars/showone.pl?SID=2494>.

Good to hear of this seminar. It would seem that GPS-guided drones might
have a lot of uses.. such as for example, below, and also heat-sensitive 
24 hour all-weather search drones for lost bushwalkers etc, etc, ...

[MAU] 70km of potential iron targets shown up by new aeromagnetics at 
Jubuk 5-Jan-2010  www.theaustralianinvestor.com.au/news.asp?id=36855

Magnetic Resources Limited reported that it has completed a large 4628 
kilometre detailed aeromagnetic survey, with a preliminary interpretation 
identifying up to five main target areas covering 70 kilometres of 
potential iron formations. 

Of particular interest is Target 1, which has now been extended to 12 klm
in length and has identified significant widths of magnetite of up to 108 
metres at 39.9% iron ore.


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