[LINK] Gmail now HTTPS by default

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Jan 14 21:27:35 AEDT 2010


 "In a blog post Tuesday, Google said it would begin using Hypertext 
Transfer Protocol Secure, or HTTPS, technology to encrypt all traffic 
carried on its free Web-based e-mail service .. Gmail has always used 
HTTPS to encrypt login pages, & thereby defend passwords, but encryption 
of e-mail traffic itself has been an option that users had to select. 
Now, Google will move all users to HTTPS by default .."

Whatever, and just by the way ..

Homeland Security Today  http://www.hstoday.us/content/view/62/111

"WASHINGTON, DC, JAN. 26, 2006 .. Google .. is continuing to cooperate
with US intelligence agencies to provide national and homeland security
related user information from its vast databases, according to sources
attending a conference last week of intelligence officials."

If the above is correct(?) then some number of computers at Google will
be able to collect & collate a wide range of information on individuals.
Hence, one might expect that Google has been targetted by, eg, Ghostnet?


"GhostNet .. is the name given by researchers at the Information Warfare 
Monitor to a large-scale cyber spying operation discovered in March 2009. 
Its command and control infrastructure is based mainly in the People's 
Republic of China and has infiltrated high-value political, economic and 
media locations in 103 countries .." 


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