[LINK] Bath books & trove replacing LA

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Fri Jan 15 09:36:38 AEDT 2010

Paul Koerbin wrote:
>... There was a recent message sent to this list about 'bath books' ...  

Yes, that was my book "Green Technology Strategies: Using computers and 
telecommunications to reduce carbon emissions":

> Firstly, the phrase 'bath books' is being used in error. ...

Yes, it is a paperback and unlikely to be suitable for children to read 
in the bath.

> The National Library and Thorpe-Bowker are investigating the issue to
> find a solution. ...

Good, I have just released a hardback edition for libraries and was 
worried it might be listed as a chewable book for babies:


By the way yours are not the only book systems with problems. The
process of producing a hardback edition of an existing paperback book
was something which should have taken a couple of minutes using a Print 
on Demand system, but took hours: 

>The records appear in the National Library's catalogue ...

No, I searched the NLA catalogue for my book but did not find it: 

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