[LINK] future of Australian internet doomed with clueless reporting & ISPs

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On 16/01/2010, at 10:11 AM, David Goldstein wrote:
> Then the head of Exetel, John Linton, rants about the national broadband network and says things like "The NBN2 was dreamed up by a total wanker (Krudd) who had and has less than zero knowledge about telecommunications based on summary/key point 'briefing papers' done on the fly by pretty average civil servants." See http://johnl.blogs.exetel.com.au/index.php?/archives/3582-Wireless-Broadband-As-Unworrying-To-The-NBN2........html
> Now, if this person heads an ISP how can we hold hope that the industry can move forward or even understand what the future holds. Maybe Linton was ranting 15 years ago that dial-up was all that was needed for the future and was complaining this broadband was not needed.

On this week's "Twisted Wire" podcast, Internode CEO Simon Hackett speculates that the NBN will lead to further industry consolidation -- that the number of ISPs in Australia is unlikely to increase, I think were his words. He sees the very big ISPs staying, and perhaps very small ones that provide niche services in some way, but that those in the 10,000 customer range will disappear.


A few moments of Googling Whirlpool with very little thought on my part suggests that Exetel is probably around the 40,000 to 50,000 customer mark, which would perhaps put it into the Hackett Zone™.

Personally, I've never been very impressed with businesspeople who rave and rant about the problems being everyone else's fault.

On an OT note, my favourite is always the business owners who whinge that payroll tax kills business -- when all businesses of their size and up are paying exactly the same taxes and perhaps doing OK.


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