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> The Australian Defence Department officially opened its Cyber 
> Security 
> Operations Centre (CSOC) at the Defence Signals Directorate 
> in Canberra 
> today:
> * Minster's speech: 
> <http://www.minister.defence.gov.au/FaulknerSpeechtpl.cfm?Curr
* CSOC web site: <http://www.dsd.gov.au/infosec/csoc.html>


Tom, I think there are two distinct roles for "Cert" organisations in
Australia. Commercial activity and Anti-Cyber-Terrorism activity.

With the next level of hostile incursions doubtless being mounted via
the Net, I don't see how the Government could do aught but set up their
own system.

I consider that in the future, Cybersecurity will become as important
from a national security standpoint as the armed forces and
anti-terrorist law enforcement groups.

I don't consider that Auscert is qualified to act in a co-ordinated
military fashion to prevent attacks like the the recent CTB 7 day

Counter Cyber Insurgency must be a Government controlled and funded

Although, they could sure use some help from the best of the best. Errr,
that's not me, I'm way past tracking floating IP attacks from non
advertised space that resolves to someone's home computer.

But there are people in Australia that the Government should hire,
rather than attempt to manage this task on it's own.

Sun Tzu, Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler all stated - destroy the currency of
a target country and that country will eat itself and become defenceless
to a takeover of it's government.

The CTB attack (as a dry run) demonstrated the potential. Dry runs are
usually precursors to the real thing.

Now as long as the GovCert chaps have real interdiction talent, Oz will
be fine.



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