[LINK] Broadband billions left hanging as wireless bites back

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jan 16 22:02:59 AEDT 2010

Tom writes,

> One option I have suggested is to put wireless on the end of the NBN. 
> Since many people will be doing this anyway it might as well be managed 
> as part of the network. The box NBN Co. install in your home could have 
> wireless which could be used by you, your electricity meter or your
> neighbours

Indeed.. it seems a good idea. Even if, initially, as an optional extra.

Another such extra might be an always-on cheap wireless-enabled netbook,
similar to some ISPs already include free with accounts. One can surmise
many uses.. eg up-and-down emergency alerts, rate notices, various bills,
even (gasp) an email address & maybe a 'Facebook', VoIP/SMS for everyone.
(Eg a free-ish home communicator if security may be managed, and perhaps,
this might be more secure than your normal household footpath letterbox?)


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