[LINK] intermediary liability = net censorship

David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Sun Jan 17 14:52:43 AEDT 2010

On 16/01/2010 11:02 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> Interesting article about the extent of net censorship and control
> that is developing across the world.
> http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/censorship-is-alive-in-the-free-world-20100115-mce0.html
> ...
The first comment on that article pretty well sums up my feelings:
> What's the point of any kind of democracy if individuals can't be held 
> responsible for their actions? The answer to this question is obvious 
> - the awful people doing and uploading the ghastly things. Otherwise 
> we may as well give up on the concept of democratic freedom of 
> expression and individual responsibility and just settle for 
> censorship without complaint.

If we had a sane and decent government, they'd legislate against 
intermediary liability and increase resources to detection and 
prosecution. Instead, they're building a potentially disastrous weapon 
(the filter).

Dave Barry once compared governments to babies' nappies: both must be 
changed frequently - and for the same reasons. Looks like the Rudd 
government needs changing sooner than most. Saying that pains me 
greatly; I last voted Liberal before the Fraser era. At least Tony 
Abbott will make an *interesting* Prime Minister. <sigh>

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