[LINK] Are GUI design standards no longer relevanr?

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Sun Jan 17 15:01:43 AEDT 2010

On Sun, 17 Jan 2010, Ivan Trundle wrote:

> On 17/01/2010, at 2:17 PM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>> But then comes this new generation of bold graphics designers, full of ideas
>> (and full of themselves) wanting to "change the world".
> Of course, the previous generation of bold computer programmers knew better, and were not full of themselves nor did they want to change the world.
> At the risk of sounding like a Gen-Y'er, I'd suggest that we simply 'get over it'.

The problem is, many of the people who are designing these 
interfaces are doing it for themselves or at least their peer 
group.   There is a lot of hubris in this sort of work.   I have seen some 
code recently that seems to be a case of "look how clever I am" when 
creating or overriding a function, instead of making something that 
is easier to maintain.

In my Universe, if I see a monkey wrench icon, it means I have to fix 
something, not configure it.    I don't suppose anyone reads the OSF 
style guide for app design anymore?   Too many big words....


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