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The plot thickens, as they say.  Iranian Cyber Army?  Attacking the  
major search engine in China?

> Chinese Search Engine War Casualty: Baidu's CTO Leaves Company
> One week after the company's Chinese search engine website was  
> apparently hacked, Baidu.com's chief technology officer has resigned.
> In a terse, two-sentence company statement, Baidu stated that Li  
> Yinan is leaving the company for personal reasons, but the company  
> did not state if the resignation will be effective immediately or if  
> he has a replacement.

> At 07:00 on January 12, 2010, Baidu.com experienced a massive  
> failure and users in many cities and provinces in China said they  
> were unable to visit the website. The search engine provider  
> published an official announcement, stating that the reason for  
> users' failure to access Baidu.com was attributed to illegal domain  
> name tampering by its domain name registrar in the United States.  
> However, other media reported that Baidu.com may have been attacked  
> by Iranian hackers because some users saw a banner for the "Iranian  
> Cyber Army" when they tried to access Baidu's homepage.


> Foreign reporters' Gmail hacked in China
> Claims follow similar attacks against e-mail of human rights activists
> BEIJING - There are new claims that China may be hacking into more  
> Google e-mail accounts.
> The Foreign Correspondents Club of China has e-mailed members  
> warning that reporters in at least two news bureaus in Beijing claim  
> their Gmail accounts had been invaded. They said their e-mails had  
> been forwarded to unfamiliar accounts.
> One of the accounts involved belongs to an Associated Press  
> reporter. An AP editor in New York says an investigation has been  
> launched to determine if any vital information was compromised.

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