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Jan Whitaker jwhit at janwhitaker.com
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This from a friend of mine.

>Sorry have been a bad correspondent lately. Home PC out of action . 
>I discovered another totally new way to completely destroy Windows - 
>I'm getting good at it. How's this for frustrating (and really dumb 
>Microsoft design). If you run a dual boot machine with two or more 
>versions of Windows like I do with Win7 with Vista and XP for things 
>that need the old OS, then Windows stores all the info for choosing 
>which one to boot from IN THE OLD XP SYSTEM! If you delete the old 
>system eventually (which most folks will do) or it just gets 
>corrupted as happened to me. NOTHING can start. You simply can't get 
>any version of Windows to boot. You can inspect the partitions with 
>a disk tool on a CD and it's all there and in good order but you can 
>never get Windows to start up. Win7, which is actually the first 
>version of Windows I really like, can't repair itself cos it can't 
>get started. And actually there's nothing wrong with Win7 anyway. 
>"Sheesh!" as Jan would say. Anyway all fixed now thanks to some wiz 
>kid hacker somewhere who wrote a really nice free program that 
>reconstructs the boot file from scratch - but it took some time to 
>find it since I didn't have a working PC to go looking.....

My friend got back to me with permission to post saying that the 
program is called EasyBCD 1.7.1 from NeoSmart Technologies. You'll 
have to do a search to find it.

When I asked about using the Win7 compatibility process [I don't know 
what that is, btw, having never seen Win7], he replied something 
about having to reload all his programs instead of just keeping XP 
going in a separate partition.

Anyway, if this saves people some heartache, that's great.


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