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New service hamstrings Google data hoarding
Dan Goodin
The Register
19 January 2010

Alarmed by the vast amount of personal information Google collects 
from its users, a hacker has unveiled an anonymization service that 
prevents the internet giant from tracking searches and websites 
visited by a specific individual.

Dubbed GoogleSharing, the anonymizing proxy service is designed 
exclusively for communications with Google. It mixes together 
requests from many different users so the search engine's data 
collectors are unable to tell where they originate.

Home: http://www.googlesharing.net/

"Google thrives where privacy does not," GoogleSharing creator Moxie 
Marlinspike wrote in announcing the service. "If you're like most 
internet users, Google knows more about you than you might be 
comfortable with."

This is often the case even when users aren't logged in to a given 
Google account. In addition to every search query an individual has 
ever made, other personal details open to snooping include what 
search results and news articles are clicked on, every destination 
ever looked up on Google Maps and thanks to Google Analytics, many 
website visits that didn't involve a Google search. Those using Gmail 
also divulge the content of every email ever sent and received.

GoogleSharing is designed to hamstring Google's data hoarding ways 
for all its services that don't require a login. Using it is as 
simple as installing this Firefox plugin, which redirects 
Google-bound traffic to a proxy. There, requests are stripped of all 
identifying information and replaced with the details of a different 
GoogleSharing user. The Google response is then proxied back to the 
user. By sharing the identities of many different people, the 
requests become much harder for Google to correlate and analyze.

Plugin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60333/

"The result is that you can transparently use Google search, images, 
maps, products, news, etc... without Google being able to track you 
by IP address, cookie, or any other identifying HTTP headers," 
Marlinspike explained. And only your Google traffic is redirected. 
Everything else from your browser goes directly to its destination."

The service was unveiled on Tuesday, a day after Microsoft said its 
competing Bing search engine would cut the amount of time it tracks 
user searches to just six months. Google, by contrast, holds on to 
searches for nine months, and even then changes only parts of the 
data collected while leaving the all-important cookie data alone. 
Last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said if you'd prefer your most 
intimate or work sensitive net activity not be tracked and retained, 
"maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

Marlinspike, a hacker who has identified weaknesses in the widely 
used SSL protocol, readily concedes that anonymizers such as Tor are 
more appropriate for people who want to conceal their online 
activities from a wide variety of actors. But those services can 
often be extremely slow. For those concerned only about Google, 
GoogleSharing makes more sense.

Marlinspike has also released the source code used by the proxy so it 
can be examined or used to create alternative services by others.

Of course, it's impossible for people to connect to Gmail, Google 
Calendar, and other services that require a login without identifying 
themselves, so GoogleSharing doesn't work in those situations. In 
such cases, the Firefox plugin simply forwards request directly to 
Google. Other Google services that can't be anonymized include Chat, 
Checkout, Sites, Docs, Photos, Reader, or Health.

Marlinspike has pledged that GoogleSharing will log absolutely 
nothing. All requests sent to the proxy - and all responses returned 
- are automatically encrypted using HTTPS, although traffic passing 
between the proxy and Google is often sent in the clear because 
Google, like most other websites, still doesn't provide universal SSL 

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