[LINK] NYT to charge, so where's the grey lady abuse?

David Goldstein wavey_one at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 21 20:36:39 AEDT 2010

As below, the New York Times is about to charge for access to content. When News Corp does so, the list is filled with abuse of Murdoch and that he doesn't understand the internet. Maybe so. But where's the abuse of the NYT now it announces it will charge for content?

Surely there aren't double standards here?


New York Times to charge readers for online content
America's most popular newspaper website today announced that the era of free online journalism is drawing to a close. The New York Times, the so-called grey lady of US media, has become the biggest publisher yet to set out plans for a paywall around its digital offering, abandoning the once unshakeable orthodoxy that internet users will not pay for news.

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