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Fwd: Publishers Lunch
>Amazon Launches "Active Content" App Program
>In the second big pre-tablet announcement this week from Amazon, the 
>company has announced plans to allow the creation of the Kindle 
>version of apps, which they are calling "active content," later this 
>year. For now they are just inviting interested parties to register 
>for a limited beta of the Kindle Developer Kit, which will be 
>available for download sometime next month.
>Like Apple's App Store model--and the new self-publishing Kindle 
>royalty option announced yesterday--creators of active content will 
>receive 70 percent of the revenue, minus delivery fees of 15 cents 
>per megabyte. Small apps of less than 1 mb can be offered free, and 
>their model provides for both one-time purchases as well as monthly 
>The announcement notes that "Handmark is building an active Zagat 
>guide featuring their trusted ratings, reviews and more for 
>restaurants in cities around the world, and Sonic Boom is building 
>word games and puzzles," and EA Mobile is releasing Kindle games as 
>well. Amazon also recommends such ideas as "travel books that 
>suggest activities based on real-time weather and current events and 
>cookbooks that recommend menus based on size of party and allergies."
>It's not clear yet whether the monthly-subscription program will 
>provide a more economically enticing option for newspaper and 
>magazine publishers who currently receive 30 percent of the revenue 
>and must conform to Amazon's formatting of their material. But some 
>people are speculating that text-based and text-driven apps are the 
>most likely candidates for the program--at least as long as Kindle 
>is limited to black-and-white displays with no touchscreen capabilities.
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