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At 11:30 AM 22/01/2010, Rick Welykochy wrote:
>This is well worth a 13 minute view (from TED) on a hot and lazy Friday. The
>inventor is a budding (or perhaps mature) genius.

The sticky note idea is something we used way back in the 1980s 
called a telewriter. Granted, it wasn't a digital device, but it was 
a remote result device that sent its signal of writing or drawing 
across telephone lines to a receiver that replicated the movement. 
It's sort of based on those spiro-graphic systems that I believe was 
invented by Benjamin Franklin to make copies of documents, only 
without the electronics at all. Today it's done by a tablet or touch 
screen and sent via net-meeting tools, oh, and electronic 
whiteboards. There are even portable EWBs that you can put on regular 
old whiteboards.

Anyway, our telewriters could be equipped with paper so the local 
creation was kept unlike the etch-a-sketch style where the image 
doesn't retain any hard copy.

I think the cool thing about this new device is the combination of 
the feedback loop: projector that responds to the gesture that then 
interacts with the net to access additional info and output new 
information, either visual or sound. That is quite cool.

Wow. Open source, build your own. Amazing.


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