[LINK] Broadband billions left hanging as wireless bites back

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Sat Jan 23 13:32:01 AEDT 2010

Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> Tom Worthington wrote:
>> Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>>> Broadband billions left hanging as wireless bites back Ari Sharp 
>>> January 13, 2010 SMH 
>>> http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/broadband-billions-left-hanging-as-wireless-bites-back-20100112-m4u7.html
>>> Take up of wireless broadband technology by Aussies more than doubled
>>> last financial year. ...
>> My Virgin/Optus 3G has been behaving more erratically over the last few
>> weeks, slowing down in the mornings. Wireless is a good idea, but we 
>> need enough infrastructure to make it work. We can't just pile everyone 
>> on to the current mobile phone network. Also the mobile phone companies 
>> are not willing to lower the price of wireless Internet down to that of 
>> wired. So you pay a premium of somewhere between 10 and 100 times for 
>> wireless.
>> One option I have suggested is to put wireless on the end of the NBN. 
>> Since many people will be doing this anyway, it might as well be managed 
>> as part of the network. The box NBN Co. install in your home could have 
>> wireless which could be used by you, your electricity meter, or your 
>> neighbours.
> Coming in late...
> Doesn't the "home wireless" idea break the wholesale-only model of the NBN?
> Regarding "enough infrastrcture" to make it work: I agree that 3G 
> suffers overcrowding. I can see the huge difference between Lilyfield 
> (fast) and Crows Nest (dead slow).
> The problem is not just the number of base stations, but the backhaul 
> from those base stations.
> In essence, if you want "one-to-one"-like speed, I would not be 
> surprised to find that in many locations, the cost of wireless begins to 
> approach parity with the cost of wired.

It's not so much the cost but 
convenience/efficiency of wireless for 
the end user/provider.

It was reassuring to note, Mike Quigley, 
acknowledging the Foxtel Experience - 
that premises don't necessarily want to 
be connected. He did say that 
terminations would be a combination of 
on internal/external (street rim box style).

On the other hand, if a telco approached 
a body corporate about putting cells on 
the roof, then I am sure they would be 
more willing to have an onsite connection

He also said it was unclear how business 
premises would be handled - not all 
building owners want to cable up their 
building with fibre....I have a sense of 
deja vu here and if the buildings from 
the 80s are still standing, they are 
probably fibred.

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