[LINK] Australian Open Web Page Scores Mixed

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Wed Jan 27 12:26:07 AEDT 2010

On 27/01/10 9:17 AM, Scott Howard wrote:
> How many of those are errors on the page, and how many are errors with
> the validator?

Probably not - there are very few errors remaining in the W3C validator.

> The URL you've given is reporting a number of "errors" such as :
> #  Line 47, column 464: Attribute "TYPE" is not a valid attribute. Did
> you mean "type"?
> …"0"><tr><td width="15"><spacer type="block" width="1" height="1"/></td><td wi

I don't believe spacer is a legitimate tag, so the validator will not 
pass any attributes on it.
I agree it would be nice if the validator just reported the tag was off 
and ignored the following bits, but thats just one of the validator's 
lovable little quirks :(
Hmmm.. interesting - the validator report (which are massively improved 
since last time I validated someone else's document! Wonderful!) talks 
about the spacer tag being proprietary. I don't know what system its 
from, though.

> and
> #  Line 34, column 118: Attribute "TARGET" is not a valid attribute.
> Did you mean "target"?
> …e;sz=300x250;ord=123456789?" target="_blank"><img src="http://ad.doubleclick
> which don't make much sense from what I can see...

I guess the validator is upcasing the attributes
I expect the issue here is the HTML version chosen doesn't include the 
target attribute for an anchor tag.

> #  Line 27, column 536: cannot generate system identifier for general entity "o"
> …aus/flash/AO_158x84.swf?l=Melbourne&o=+1000&d=60" width="158" height="84" ali

The ampersand needs to be escaped, so it should be
... Melbourne&o ...
The validator picks up 'o' as part of the entity beginning with the '&' 
and is mighty confused.
Thats a common error.

Hmm... I just validated the homepage myself, and there are some really 
odd errors in there that indicate either a CMS gone mad (which would 
make sense with the 'spacer' issue, above), or a lot of carelessness. 
Fairly disappointing either way, really.


Lea de Groot
Brisbane, .au

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