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Thu Jan 28 21:39:12 AEDT 2010

I will just repost what I already wrote on another forum....

I am a person who despises laptops. I do not like PDA's, blackberrys or 
personal mobile devices including the iPhone or the iPod.

But I am getting an iPad. It is very simple for me - it will do wifi, so we 
will have a home tablet we can use to check into work etc, via SSH or similar, 
to check email or jobs without having to login to my computer
if I am in the bedroom or downstairs away from the computers.

Then I can use it in the bedroom to lookup TV guide etc, or whatever
I want to do that is passive and does not require a full terminal but just
a browser.

In the kitchen, I've already had a Wyse 60 downstairs connected to a recipes
database we designed, but I canned that about 5 years ago, so the tablet
now fulfils that purpose. I used to use a recipes db - had half the Larousse 
on it but it is now gone, so I know a tablet fits that workflow for me.

So, it is weird, but this is something I can actually use - I hate the puny 
screens of the personal devices. I can't read the fonts. I can't even 
use my DS for more than half an hour at a time, so for someone who wants 
a grown up version, this might actually work.

I would not go for the 3G version - that's just a money pit for suckers.
Just the wifi one and it will work fine.
I will most likely get one of these later this year but, I will wait 
and see what the reports are like regarding reliability etc 
for about 9 months. Nothing is worth beta testing a new product.


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